Keyword Extraction Tool

Use this tool extracts all keywords from a given web page. This free service helps determine what search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing value as important. You can use this information to help rewrite your web pages and blog posts to attract more visitors. Larger keywords are the most prominent words on this page. Smaller words appear less frequently and or do not appear in important places, such as page titles, descriptions, and headers. The “score” is a 100-point scale used to show relative importance:

  • Score: 100 = Most valuable or important keyword on the page
  • Score: 50 = Somewhat important
  • Score: 4 = Keyword used very little on the page

Extracted words are given “weight” based on their place on the web page. Titles are the most important, followed by headers and good descriptions. Paragraphs and list items are the least important. (Note: Some websites will not work)